Hey friends!
So today I’m going to introduce: Rock’N'Roll music! Or the best kind of music!

I will introduce you 3 music bands.
So let’s start:

-First Nirvana!
 Yes Nirvana is the best music band in the world! I just love their music!
So, when Cobain kill him self the band was splitting … It’s sad I confess…
But their songs are still well known!
Like all apologies,rape me or come as you are
The first time I listened this songs it was a revelation!!!
Nirvana is a symbol of an entire generation!
They introduce the grunge movement (with destroy jean, large sweater…)

- Then the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
This band had more than twenty years of music career! With separations of course but they were not very long, fortunately!
Some of them albums were very famous (for example: « one hot minute » or « californication »!)

- And finally The Rolling Stone! The must! A career with an incredible longevity, with talented artists, with beautiful albums and awesome musics like Angie, satisfaction or sympathy for the devil…

So, now it’s finish babys!

Kiss on your ankle.


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