Hey everyone, Today I show you my hair routine. So, let’s start!

  • At first I hydrate my hair with coconut oil. Why I use this? Because after I wash my hair are sweet and they are so soft!images
  • After, I just wash my hair with a shampoo (already it’s ok xD). The shampoo is The Big by Lush! And this shampoo is weird because there is salt in! But not salt for cook it from the sea already! The shampoo smell lemon it’s so fresh!


  • And I put on my hair conditioner. It’s banana by the body shop. It feed my hair so it’s cool!



The last thing I do is drying my hair. And that’s it. So it’s the end.

But if I’ve got motivation I can do a mask with eggs and oil for exemple. Or sometimes I use yogurt or honey. I leave on my hair for one hour.

See you on probably sunday!


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